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Jackie Jessie, CDMS
Jackie Jessie Vocational Case Management Solutions is committed to providing appropriate case management services. Our continued success is dependent on outstanding services, along with increasing loyalty of our customers. Thus listening attentively to customers to truly understand their needs then delivering solutions that would translate into benefits for the customer and the client is the mission of our company.

Jackie Jessie-CDMS is a Certified Disability Management Specialist and has worked in the industry for over sixteen years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Corrections from Mercy College in Detroit Michigan, 1983 and engaged in graduate studies in Rehabilitation from East Carolina University and Fayetteville State University. Prior to working in the private industry a number of years were spent working with the Superior Courts providing sentencing plans for convicted felons. An interest in vocational rehabilitation led to the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Within the NCDVRS agency a great deal of knowledge was learned regarding Physical Disabilities and work capabilities of individuals seeking assistance in the return to work process. 

Mission Statement
Jackie Jessie Vocational Case Management Solutions was established in 2012. In brief, it has succeeded in becoming a leading service provider in the vocational & case management arena. Jackie Jessie Vocational Case Management Solutions specializes in providing case management services to the insurance, corporate and legal sectors, assisting injured and ill individuals to recover and return to work. We also provide industry-leading services in absence management and prevention to commercial organizations

"I have not always been a fan of vocational services. However my opinion has changed greatly due to Jackie. She is energetic, intelligent, articulate, and passionate about her job. These characteristics are invaluable." 
Hairston, WCLS Claims Case Manager